Days Six and Seven

Looks like not posting is becoming a habit. I’m still staying honest though!

ImageWednesday I made that yummy pork carnitas. I’ve never made anything like it before. It was served on top of spaghetti squash topped with lime juice. The combination sounded really strange to me, but it was wonderful! The flavors melded beautifully. I topped it with fire-roasted tomatoes and avocado. Yum.

Yesterday was another leftovers day. (Today might be too, I am blessed with too much food!) Last night I experimented with sweetener-free cocoa-avocado pudding. I made it edible, but I probably won’t try it again. This recipe was my inspiration. I did two full tablespoons of cocoa powder and no honey, with a dash of vanilla. Then I added a teensy bit of banana, even though I had my banana for the day in the morning. Then it needed more almond butter. And lastly a little more vanilla. Like I said, edible, but not very pretty, and not necessary to duplicate.

I weighed myself this morning, as it is the start of a new week, and I weigh 144. That’s down three pounds. 144 is probably the least I’ve weighed in recent history, my weight fluctuates within this range pretty regularly. I’m not expecting it to go lower than that. I am hoping to lose a little bit of my waistline, though I’m not checking that again until the end.

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