Day One

Today went well, except for a little screw-up on my part.

I started with my regular breakfast smoothie, which I usually make Breakfast Smoothiewith raw milk. Today I     replaced that with the coconut milk I made yesterday. In my smoothie I put one (green-tipped) banana, one to two tablespoons of coconut oil, one raw (locally pastured) egg yolk, and a cup or so of coconut milk. I usually don’t snack much in the morning.

For lunch I had bacon and eggs, since I didn’t have any leftovers to eat from yesterday. Then I developed a compulsion to snack, even though I wasn’t hungP1010273ry. I think it was because subconsciously I knew I was on a “restricted” diet. I made a batch of cookies (Cinnamon Coconut Cookies, from 21 DSD), but those turned out not super great, and I just ate a couple. Then I had a mug of the delicious batch of broth that had been cooking in my crockpot since yesterday. I later had a cup of herbal tea and a package of seaweed snacks. I normally don’t snack quite that much, hopefully I can get out of that habit.

For dinner I made a sausage soup based on the soup of the same name in the Primal P1010274Blueprint Cookbook. Turns out I didn’t have any homemade chicken broth, so I just grabbed what was in my cupboard. Who knew that Trader Joe’s brand chicken broth has added sugar? Ugh. I used it anyway, since I couldn’t exactly whip up fresh chicken broth right there. I’ll just have to prepare better next week. The soup was super yummy anyway, chock full of veggies!

Tonight I am still feeling snacky which is really irritating. Food does not normally occupy my mind quite so much, I think thinking about the detox is making me want to eat. I’m hoping that my brain will get over it soon.

Oh and here is a picture of my lovely hands aP1010272nd their grotesque excema. I am really hoping this is looking better in a few weeks.

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