Here we go!!

Hello out there! I created this blog to keep me on track for my 21 day sugar detox, which I am beginning today. This is a little intro post to give some background – why I’m doing the detox, where I’m starting from, that sort of thing.

I have been eating paleo/grain-free on and off for almost 18 months at this point. I usually throw it all out the window for the holidays (we are away from home during the holidays, which makes it extra difficult), so I was looking for something to help me get back on track, and the 21 DSD is it! I regularly struggle with sugar, even when I am following a lacto-paleo diet. I tend to eat too much dried fruit and dark chocolate. I’ve noticed that my body just follows that into a downward spiral that can quickly lead me to eating whatever I feel like when I’m not at home. Starting the year off right with a strict couple of weeks is just what I need.

I weighed myself and took my waist measurement, just to see if anything changes by the end. This morning I weighed 147 pounds and my waist measured at 32 inches (I’m 5’10”). My goal weight is 140 pounds and my goal waist is 30 inches. Since giving birth to my son three years ago, I’ve discovered that I put the most weight on right in the middle – at one point my waist was 36 inches! I looked like I was moving into my second trimester, because it was all right at the front! That was when I started eating grain-free. Now I’m hoping to get rid of that last bit of fat that has hung around, even though I weigh less than I did when I first got pregnant. I’ll also be posting a pic of my hands – I have horrible excema that I’m hoping will at least somewhat clear up. We’ll see I suppose.

I’ll be trying to post once a day with info about how I did that day. Mostly food related. I’ll be doing core strengthening exercises only – I have a shoulder injury that prevents me from doing most workouts.

This morning I began with a cup of decaf with coconut cream and a dash of cinnamon. I did all my grocery shopping yesterday, and even made some coconut milk, which I’ve never done before! So I am all set! Here we go!!


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2 Responses to Here we go!!

  1. Darcie says:

    Awesome to have more parents detoxing! Curious if your son is grain free or do you have to prepare “traditional” foods for him? I find it really challenging to be feeding my kids lots of food that I am not eating (and they should probably not be eating either!). Have you ever done dairy free? Dairy seems to aggravate my kids’ eczema, especially in winter. Anyway, nice to have you along!

  2. jeskawest says:

    My son is mostly grain-free, although at his preschool he eats whatever they have for snack. He is a serious bread-lover, unfortunately. At home I use sprouted wheat berry bread (from Trader Joe’s) for his sandwiches, but otherwise he is pretty much off grains.
    I have never been very strict dairy-free, but I will for this detox. My son pretty much won’t eat meat, so dairy is his main source of protein. He’s got his dad’s immune system though – he’s ridiculously healthy for the most part, so I don’t worry about dairy with him.
    Thanks for the comment and the support!

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